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Ontotext Work on PHEME Has Reached the Top 4 in the EC Competition for Innovation Radar Prize 2016

The work of Ontotext on automatic rumor detection and veracity prediction has caught the attention of the European Commission and has been nominated among the top 16 innovators in Europe. After a public vote, Ontotext is in the top 4 of the Industry & Enabling Tech category. As a result, on the 26th of September, in Bratislava, Georgi Georgiev, Head of Innovation & Consultancy Services, will be pitching to a panel of experts the plans of Ontotext for getting the innovation into the market, thus competing for the most innovative company in Europe, according to the European Commission.

Ontotext’s innovation for PHEME is the development of algorithms for automatic detection and verification of rumours (phemes) across social networks and online media, thus enabling journalists to focus on tweets showing enough information to check against public sources. Additional value comes from Ontotext’s already established semantic technologies, which via LOD annotations applied to Social Media allow cross-media integration. Ontotext is integrating the successful NOW news platform with Social Media content, providing journalists with a quick, deep and complete view on emerging events.

The value of the product goes beyond the journalism monitoring platform. The GraphDB instance storing integrated news, social media content, veracity annotations and linking to knowledge bases is available for data analysis in the financial, business and perhaps many other domains.

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