Computing Veracity – the Fourth Challenge of Big Data


The consortium includes internationally established players in all key areas of required expertise for the project:

  • large-scale web data collection, storage, and indexing (ATOS, ONTO);
  • multi-lingual information extraction, temporal processing, semantics (USFD, USAAR, ONTO, UWAR);
  • Linked Open Data, reasoning, and use as knowledge sources for NLP (ONTO, USFD, USAAR);
  • graph-based methods for modelling information diffusion patterns (USFD, MOD);
  • web-based visualisations for document analytics (MOD, USH, ONTO);
  • qualitative social media analysis (UWAR);
  • large-data analytics, Hadoop, Storm, and related infrastructure (ATOS, ONTO, USFD);
  • crowdsourcing (USH, USFD, MOD, USAAR)
  • and two use case partners that require automated veracity intelligence solutions for patient care (KCL) and digital journalism (SWI, USH).

The full partner list is:

  1. The University of Sheffield (Coordinator; USFD)
    GATE team, Department of Computer Science
    Regent Court, 211 Portobello, Sheffield S1 4DP, UK
    Coordinator and PI: Kalina Bontcheva
  2. Universitaet des Saarlandes (USAAR)
    D-66041 Saarbrücken
    PI: Thierry Declerck
  3. MODUL University Vienna (MOD)
    Department of New Media Technology
    Am Kahlenberg 1, 1190 Vienna, Austria
    PI Arno Scharl | Co-PI Marta Sabou
  4. Ontotext AD (ONTO)
    Polygraphia Office Center fl.4,
    47A Tsarigradsko Shosse,
    Sofia 1504, Bulgaria
    PI: Georgi Georgiev
  5. ATOS Spain SA (ATOS)
    Calle de Albarracin 25
    28037 Madrid
    PI: Tomás Pariente Lobo
  6. King’s College London (KCL)
    WC2R 2LS London
    United Kingdom
    PI: Robert Stewart
  7. iHub Ltd. (USH)
    NGONG, Road Bishop Magua Building
    4th floor
    00200 Nairobi
    PI: Rob Baker
  8. (SWI)
    Giacomettistrasse 3
    3000 Bern
    PI: Peter Schibli
  9. The University of Warwick (UWAR)
    Kirby Corner Road
    University House
    CV4 8UW Coventry
    United Kingdom
    Contact person: Rob Procter


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